What can erection say about a man?

The erectile dysfunction is a common health condition, which depends on a range of factors. It can happen only once or become a continuous problem requiring medical interference. Anyway it cannot be isolated from other deviations and very often it should be regarded as a clue on some severe threat to men’s health.

You know, that in the past the scientists were sure that the erectile dysfunction was caused by wrong attitude of a man towards his surroundings. Today the physicians of course take into account psychological reasons but it is obvious that erectile dysfunction is connected with physical conditions and it is always a warning sign of some other medical disorder. More than half of all cases of erectile dysfunction are related to kidney and liver problems, heart disease and diabetes. Consider this, every man having difficulties in his sex life, should visit a doctor and get a thorough medical examination.

What can be discovered?

We are going to give you a general idea of those men’s health issues, which can cause ED or which are connected with it in some way or another. Being proactive a patient can improve his well-being. So, let’s start.

  • Heart disease. The penis consists of spongy tissue and blood vessels crossing it in all directions and delivering blood making it erected. When there are problems with blood pressure and of blood flowing to the penis, it is natural to suggest that other parts of the body have the same problem. Thus, erectile dysfunction indicates other arterial diseases including stroke and heart attack. The relevant studies have shown that men with impotence sooner or later have heart attack even if they have never complained of heart problems. There is a strong link between impotence and coronary artery disease. Thus, the first thing that should be done visiting a doctor with ED is screening for the cardiovascular risk factors and checking the level of cholesterol and blood pressure. Usually when the causes are removed, the sex life improves.
  • Diabetes. When diabetes damages nerves and blood vessels, it leads to problems with erection as far as these systems are vital for maintaining of an erection. So if you are 45 years old or even younger and you experience difficulties with erection, you should check your blood for sugar level. In order to treat such condition, it is recommended to work out regularly and improve diet habits and the erectile dysfunction symptoms should disappear.
  • Thyroid diseases. The connection is obvious. The thyroid gland produces hormones needed for all human body to function including the genital system. If there are too many hormones or no enough of them, it is difficult for a man to get an erection. So ED can be a symptom both of too much thyroid when a man is anxious, irritated, having shaky hands, losing weight, and too little thyroid hormone when a man feels tired, lazy, gaining weight.
  • HIV. It is not a must, but among HIV-positive men there are more sexually enable men. The scientists do not know for sure why it happens. There is a suggestion that hormonal changes and a particular psychological state influence on the ability to have erection.

Of course, we have not listed all health conditions that can be connected with ED. There are also kidney diseases, multiple sclerosis, neurologic deviations, and others.

It is quite clear that problems in sex life should not be left without attention. There are a lot of ways to solve the problem taking different pills providing steady and lasting erection but they do not cure the disorder and they do not help to understand the reason. That is why for both sexual health and overall health, you should find out what exactly makes you to take those pills.