Is climax prerogative of women? Not only! It sounds amazing, but menopause exists in strong half of humanity. How it manifests itself and how it differs from female, almost no one knows. According to experts, male menopause is no different from female. If female manifestations are characterized by cessation of egg production and subsequent menopause, in men, menopause begins with cessation of sperm production, and accordingly, pollutions, which are often noticed in morning (but only because of prolonged absence of sexual intercourse). What to do in this case?

What is male menopause?

As already described, male menopause is cessation of sperm production and pollutions. In medicine, this has scientific name – andropause – by analogy with female menopause. Women undergo appropriate treatment to reduce unpleasant symptoms. Men began to offer such actions no more than 10 years ago. This is explained to end by an unexplored phenomenon – male menopause leaves lot of unresolved and inexplicable questions.

Male menopause indicates decrease in testosterone production. It should be noted that presented type of change in men occurs much later than in women. So, in men, by age of 80, level of testosterone in blood decreases by about 40% compared with 25-year-old young people. Testosterone is main male hormone, 90% of which is produced in ovaries, and remaining 10% is given to adrenal glands.

Testosterone “sets” male formation from hair growth in groin in adolescence to formation of muscle and bone mass. High level of testosterone makes “a boy a man” with his impressive muscle corset and genital growth. Small amount of testosterone provokes set of fat mass, growth of abdomen and sagging muscles – figure is more similar to female.

Symptoms of menopause in men

In connection with decrease in testosterone levels in body of men, characteristic changes occur in appearance and functioning of organs. Symptoms of male menopause include the following:

  • Endocrine and trophic disorders – anemia, muscle soreness, sagging skin, fat deposition in chest and abdomen, osteoporosis and atherosclerosis are distinguished from more serious ones.
  • Vegetative-vascular disorders – increased blood pressure, disturbances in heart, dizziness and headaches, increased sweating, fever in chest, in arms, in neck, redness of skin.
  • Psycho-emotional disorders – mood swings, aggressive state, decreased memory and emotional activity, apathy and depression, insomnia, unreasonable fear.
  • Genitourinary disorders – decrease in sex drive, difficulty urinating, development of prostate diseases, and decrease in testicular size.

All symptoms appear simultaneously with varying degrees of severity. According to study, men with presence of cardiovascular disorders or diseases are more likely to suffer from male menopause – it occurs earlier, and its symptoms manifest themselves in severe forms.

Causes of early development of male menopause

Decrease in testosterone in body of men occurs after 30 years – every year its level decreases by 1-3%. But due to some features, such decline can be rapid or even early. Reasons for reported violations include:

  • Malnutrition, which provoked obesity.
  • Bad habits leading to intoxication of body.
  • Low blood pressure.
  • Lack of exercise.
  • Reduction in muscle contraction strength.
  • Polluted air atmosphere.
  • Frequent emotional disturbances – stress, depression.
  • Prostate diseases, in particular with benign or malignant tumor.
  • Taking the strongest drugs – antibiotics, as well as anabolic drugs.

Due to addiction to smoking or alcoholic beverages, malnutrition, menopause can occur at age of 25-30 years (5% of total male population suffer).

Treatment features

Treatment for male menopause should take place comprehensively and only after full examination – drugs and other treatment methods are prescribed depending on cause of decrease in testosterone. Following treatment methods are referred to treatment of male menopause:

  • Work with psychologist – it`s important to exclude psycho-emotional disorders in men. Here you can be assigned just conversations with specialist or taking psychotropic drugs – antidepressants, anticoagulants and other medicines.
  • Drug treatment – hormone therapy is first prescribed – patient needs to restore testosterone levels. In addition, immunomodulators, sedatives, antispasmodics can be prescribed. Doctors often recommend use of traditional medicine recipes – this is often due to patient’s old age, when additional medication only worsens patient’s condition.
  • Physical activity – under supervision of trainer, you can resort to special exercise program to stimulate production of testosterone levels. Among exercises include cardio and stretching exercises – it`s important to improve blood circulation in genitals and in body, in particular.
  • Physiotherapeutic treatment – is prescribed for complications due to development of male menopause.
  • Nutrition correction – proper nutrition with use of products that increase sex drive in men, is made by nutritionists. If you are overweight, you need to lose it in short time.

Often, male andropause provokes development of cardiac ischemia. In absence of timely treatment, Alzheimer’s disease develops. For prophylaxis, patient is recommended to take cardiac drugs.