Intimate sphere of relationship between man and woman has always remained mystery behind seven locks. This trend is acceptable if sex is deprived of any problems and the man doesn`t complain about such important component as good erection. But with passage of time and for various reasons, not only general condition of body changes, but also ability to maintain and extend erection. What ways and means of extension exist today – about this later.

It`s known that men aren`t only sturdier, but also faster than women in race for both short and long distances. Premature ejaculation, which occurs if man doesn`t prolong erection, is very difficult in getting real pleasure. But don`t be afraid of every sexual intercourse, because now we will talk about advices that prolong erection.

Advice 1

In order for erection not to lose its power, you need to learn how to keep your breathing even. Erection is most often lost due to stress or tension. Even during intimate relationships, breathing will always help! If one masters art of correct breathing, one can maintain great deal of arousal for considerable amount of time, and thus keep erection at sufficient level.

But this method has huge disadvantage, because men don`t like to wait, but they want instant results! Therefore, it will require skills that will take time. And don`t despair, if first attempt failed to extend erection, remember – all the time!

Advice 2

Prolongation of erection occurs if following method is applied. If man has clear sense that he is no longer able to prolong erection, then you need to act quickly. It`s known that before process of ejaculation, male testicles tend to pull up. If you slightly pull testicles out, you can delay premature ejaculation and thus significantly prolong erection. Since case is quite scrupulous and intimate, it`s better to use this tool yourself.

Advice 3

Very often, in order to continue natural function of erection, you just need to change sexual position. If in arsenal of man there is “beloved” posture – then you need to quickly apply it in order to get more intense. Thus, erection is extended for some time. But this tool has minus and it lies in fact that partner doesn`t always have necessary amount of exposure for such manipulation.

Advice 4

It appears to be quite effective, there is effect on erections through sensitive points of body. This point has long been recognized worldwide earlobe, which contains more than one thousand nerve endings. Disadvantage of such means of extending ejaculation is to ensure that partner on way to prolonging erection doesn`t make partner very painful, because then you can forget about erection in general.

Advice 5

If man has confidence in eastern philosophy of China, then you can try Chinese way to extend erection. Shortly before ejaculation is to occur, man stands a pinch of middle, unnamed and index finger to push himself on cherished point. It is located in middle between scrotum and anus. If you put pressure on it, and intensive for 3-4 seconds, then you can easily extend your erection and continue moment of orgasm.

Advice 6

Erection prolongation also contributes to reducing intensity of friction of glans penis, with help of deep injection and execution of rare and small frictions. Thus, there will be delay in ejaculation, which will entail extension of erection for another few minutes.

Advice 7

In order not to suffer from weak erection, you can think of any nightmarish fantasy that wouldn`t allow body to relax to such extent as to lose erection. But for particularly impressionable men, this method doesn`t work at all, because it can fundamentally spoil all pleasure.